A Day at the Museums

Sunday, February 24, 2013

One of the things I love most about London is that people always seem to come for unexpected visits. Whether they're in transit or on spontaneous road trips, its always full of old friends. And when friends come to visit you can bring them to do loads of touristy stuff without feeling like you're not a true Londoner...

This weekend my friends came down from Edinburgh and we spent a Night Day at the Museums and did lots of other girlie things. 

Any London Trip should start with The Hummingbird Bakery, to refuel energy you know... 

After spending about 20 minutes trying to figure out what we wanted we settled for Black Bottom, Red Velvet and Carrot Cup-Cake. Yum.

Now to the museums, we started by the V&A and its endless galleries...

We really liked the fashion section, museums are a great place to go at anytime in London. Boys, this would make a great afternoon date idea... Make you seem sophisticated and literate, and there really is something for all tastes, (plus its free admission! )

We then moved on to something even more exciting... the Science Museum!

I always find it amazing to come across things you learnt about in class in real life... well if you can consider the science museum real life. It is now with great pleasure that I present you molecular structures of metals, with some lovely grains and evidence of hot rolled production!

Lovely I know...
The Science museum is really very exciting, it's not only geared towards kids as some of it is actually pretty high level science! And there are always plenty of buttons to keep kids (or Rhi and I) interested.

The Main Hall is very impressive and has a bridge on the 3rd floor going across it.

Rhiannon was scared of heights and not very impressed.

Uhm yes we do!

I wonder if anyone will be wearing that one at the Oscar's tonight?

Being two Frenchies in London we decided it'd only be fair to stop by a French cheese & ham shop : La Cave à Fromage.

I originally heard about it through one of my favorite bloggers, The Londoner, and can only recommend it again! Great service, very dainty dining room, and great food.

Had a great weekend... bring on next week (and possibly a diet)!


  1. I really want to smell that cheese!

  2. I love that for you a day at the Museum involves sparkly cupcakes. Now that's my kind of sightseeing! xxx

    1. Of course it does! I wouldn't expect any less of you either ;) xxx

  3. Lovely post. I went to La Cave as well with a friend after reading about it on The Londoner - such great cheese and wine! x


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