A day in Chiswick

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We've had amazing weather this past week, and the fact that I'm taking such note of that makes me wonder if I'm not becoming a Londoner after all, I've stopped taking the sun for granted and everything!

Like any good Londoner during sunshine, I roamed outside. This weekend's roaming prey was Chiswick, a beautiful suburb in West London with paths going all along the Thames and pretty much no tourists (amazing!).

The path along the Thames has beautiful little houses which are sometimes converted into cafés, pubs and small restaurants. All with dainty terraces filled with crispy cold pints and glasses of rosé!

Something we don't have much in France but a tradition I am well intent on keeping... are picnics. But not any kind of picnic! The real deal, homemade sandwiches, bottle of rosé and a sunny afternoon... This weekend I made homemade Rosemary Foccacia bread. And let me tell you... once you've had a homemade foccacia sandwich it pretty much ruins any other kind of sandwich you'll ever have (true story). And if you throw in some homemade pesto with mozarella and proscuitto well then.... it gives this, and a picture is worth a thousand words!

A post about making Foccacia is coming shortly do not fret!

It's really nice to enjoy nature once in a while, even 20 minutes from Oxford Street you get to see all sorts of beautiful creatures...

Beautiful creatures I tell you....

Now what did you do this weekend? Hoped you soaked up some Vitamin D, I sure did!


  1. Beautiful Creatures........a pigeon

  2. Dont Forget Your Mathematics!

  3. the back of a pigeon!

  4. Yo im seriously fretting about that Foccacia man! get on it! asap xxxxx

  5. Hi Gaby,
    Just wanted to say I have really appreciated your blogging so far, I'm a little nervous for my trip to London in a month's time and I am moving there for a year so want to feel like i belong as soon as a arrive! I managed to stumble across what i understand is this new(?) blog from google and have enjoyed it! I will be following your future posts with excitement so keep them coming!
    P.S. Seems like you are a gifted photographer too!

    1. Hi!
      How nice of you to comment, it's exciting to see people stumbling upon this (very new indeed) blog! I'll keep em' coming!



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