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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A new blog! Shocking isn't it? I've wanted to blog for some time now. Ever since I moved to London in September I've been visiting amazing places and going to cool, original bars and restaurants... I tried sharing everything using Facebook.. but it's just not the same! Facebook doesn't let you tell your story. It asks for your pictures and wam-bang-thank-you-mam, but I wanted to be dined and cuddled too! Hence the blog.

The Gift of Gab[y] may seem like an odd choice of name, but there's thought behind it I swear! Having the Gift of the Gab is "the ability to speak easily and confidently". And my name is Gaby! Clever right? Right?

You already know I just moved to London, and I can in no way pretend to be a Londoner already! I don't walk fast enough in the underground to be one, I don't have the "sun guilt" syndrome yet and I haven't ever had fish and chips (blasphemy!). I'm more of a Londoner in Training, and through this blog I will try to make you discover, or rediscover, London with a fresh pair of eyes...


  1. C'est super chérie! Comme ça on va pouvoir te pister et savoir si tu étudies vraiment le weekend! ;-) bises M

  2. Don't forget the people that knew you before u were famous :)

  3. Rediscover London through a fresh pair of eyes? What nothing past Zone 2?

  4. OMG ive been waiting for this day to come! i love you! please post more!!!! <3 xxxxxx

  5. discover, or rediscover, London.........


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