AM/PM on the Côte d'Azur

Monday, March 4, 2013

This Weekend I was lucky enough to go back home to Nice!
We went skiing on Saturday and had amazing brunch on Sunday. I had forgotten how great the Côte d'Azur is in March.. You can ski in the morning and have lunch and watch people swimming, (emphasis on watch I'm just not brave enough).
We went skiing at a station called Auron. It's a 1h30 drive from Nice, and the drive is the greatest scene change! I've always loved Auron and have been skiing there since I was 3, it has tiny restaurants only accesible by ski or snow... a small ice-rink, the world's best crepes and a surprisingly interesting night life!

I was picked up by these two lil' guys early Saturday morning and off we were to the mountains! I think its one of the only picture I have of them not trying to bite each other's head off... I must really have been gone a while!

Now.. We have a bit of a tradition when driving up to Auron. But it's kind of a secret.. We always stop at this Boulangerie on the side of the road. Its an old old house hidden in the rocky mountains and sells the most amazing Brioche you will ever taste. It also happens to sell jam, honey, cidre and everything nice straight from the farm!

Little sis and I had a girly moment in the queue.. 

Here they are.... just look at them! So shiny, plump, doughy.. yummm. The Shop is called La Bolinette, and it even has a bus stop in its name! If you ever go up, its a must. 

We arrived at the station will full tummies and eager kids, ready to face the slopes!

The sun was shining, the snow was crisp and fluffy... After a couple hours we stopped in my favorite restaurant, which serve the best Pizzas any hungry skier could hope for. Look at these little hands ready to dive in!

The view is truly breathtaking.
This is how we teach our kids to ski! On leashes. It's great really, my little sister (age 3) is already loving it!

We came back home at 5, after being kicked out of lifts that were closing. I do miss skiing, but hey, you can't have everything in London!

The next day we went for Lunch... on the beach! Appalling I know. This is one of my favorite beaches, and one we always go to with my friends in the summer. The music is good, the food is great and the wine is plenty! It's called La Petite Plage, in Juans Les Pins. Juans Les Pins is a little party town, just in the nook of Cap D'Antibes. If you're ever around you should pay a visit!


There you go, AM/PM on the Côte d'Azur... Tough life I tell you!


  1. WOW
    How amazing that you can flip from skiing to the beach so simply!
    I bet your little ones loved having you home for a weekend
    x x x
    The Lobster & Me

    1. Thanks Ibbs! Yes it is pretty amazing! This gloomy London weather makes me miss it! xx


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