Friday, March 29, 2013

This week I went out to Sketch with my old time friend Harriet.
Sketch is a really great place to go out, and for any occasion. It's a bar/restaurant/lounge/club/amazing toilet place. Fantastic I tell you.

You're greeted by an extremely funny Irish doorman, who somehow is Harriet's BFF. So many things about this girl...

There are 5 different rooms, or as they call them "Lieus" or destination places, in Sketch. The Gallery, the Lecture Room, the Parlour, the Glade and the East Bar. We had a drink in the Parlour, which is a fancy, cosy, dimly lit and soft music lounge bar. The cocktails taste really good (and are strong!), the waiters are very welcoming and all very hip.

Connecting all the rooms is a gastronomic brasserie, really interesting and original menu. I have yet to try it, but I'll get back to you! Great vibrant decor:

The Lecture Room/Library, is a fancy, two Michelin Star restaurant. I've read rave reviews about it, but it's not exactly student budget friendly!

The Glade is my favorite bar, it's woodland themed, and feels very magical and "Wizard of Oz"-esque. Big tables, good ol' cocktails, lots of friends and good music! What's not to like?

East Bar, is the more Club-like room in Sketch, its a lot smaller than the others, plays louder music, great for finishing off the night and it closes at 2am with a live DJ from 10h30.

And now the best for last... the toilets! It makes sketch truly special. Odd I know. Each toilet is egg-shaped and plays sounds from the animal planet inside the cocoon. 

Oh and French Maids! 

All in all sketch is great for drinks with friends, or for a sophisticated date (I'd pick the glade for a more romantic atmosphere). It's close to all the big Mayfair clubs and really isn't unreasonably priced. 

Come and play at Sketch !


    1. Aha I don't think a trip to the ladies has ever seemed so exciting! And I'm having major hair envy, it looks amazingxx

    2. Haha! Thanks ;) Oh yes it's amazing... well worth the trip :p

    3. It does sound odd but a good quality WC can really make a difference to a place.
      Nice pictures, I'll be sure to check out Sketch next time I'm in London now!
      Lizzi x x


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