Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Term is finally over... Now, this unfortunately does not mean we get 6 weeks of holidays... We get 6 weeks to revise before crunch time, a.k.a exams (did you know aka stands for also known as? I had no idea.)

J and I thought it'd be nice to take the first weekend off, before studying starts and before I head back home to France. We drove up to his Family's home in Windsor. 

We started early in the morning by taking the dogs for a walk in the park.

It was coooollld but the girls didn't seem to mind, we played hide and seek and walked all around the lake. 

We took rest on tiny chairs, whilst one silly lady rolled herself in the mud: 

We tested their courage by throwing sticks in the water... and sure enough Boo jumped right in and gave us the best performance of seal-dog I've ever seen!

Once we couldn't feel our toes and the doggies were a lot less perky than at the start we made our way home. We stopped by the royal farm shop on the way to buy things for lunch!

Molly was more than happy to stay cosy in the "boot":

There's something incredibly satisfying in buying products that are locally-grown and farmed. I always feel just a little bit better knowing my carrots didn't spend 12 hours in a plane to get to me.

And in tastes so much better!

Now for the "pièce de resistance" as us Francophones would say... Sunday Roast... for two!

I'm licking my lips just looking at this picture.. take me back!

After lunch we went for a 'digestive' walk to Windsor Castle. Leaving the animals to rest and warm up:

And here I was thinking cats and dogs only liked each other on postcards...

The Castle is the Queen's weekend home and a truly beautiful domain.

I'll have to come back when it's a bit warmer and when I have the courage to spend time visiting inside! There are still 500 people living and working inside the castle 'walls' and you can see virtually untouched, still functional, 11th century homes. Amazing.

This is the Long Walk, a 5km 'Walk' south of the Castle. Once again... when the weather permits! Instead we settled for racing back home to roast our toes by the fire...

Cookbooks, woolen blanket and a roaring fire... I could get used to this!

Windsor is a great place for Londoners in training who like me, like to escape the city once in a while... 


  1. Windsor looks beautiful and these are really great pictures.
    I can't wait to spend as much time as possible outside during the holidays before the real hard revision starts (which I probably should be starting now).

    Lizzi x x

  2. Thanks Lizzi! I've checked your blog too, you seem to be travelling loads! Almost summer... last bit of revision! Good Luck!

    xx Gaby


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