Club 55 - St-Tropez

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm back home! For study break before exams, fair enough, but home none the less! I do love London, but I can't say I'm upset to come home to sunshine and leave snow behind...

For easter Sunday we joined family friends for a bit of an easter tradition. Club 55 in St-Tropez is really famous and hip in the summer, but in April it's filled with locals, families and good friends all around.

We had (in my opinion) the best table, feet in the sand, sun beaming overhead and rosé wine flowing. For starters we got a whole bunch of veggies! Really family style, everyone picked and asked for bits and bobs.

Even the easter bunnies picked on some carrots  I had my eyes on those bunny ears all through the meal! Drove me mad... We followed with the traditional easter roast lamb.

We had our own version of the boat race filled with just as much excitement, promise! (way to go Oxford by the way!)

We ate (too much), laughed (never enough) and took walks on the beach.

I'd recommend it to anyone! It does get hectic in the summer with DJs blasting music and people dancing on tables... and even for easter we had to reserve back in January! Crazy.

It's worth it though... Wouldn't you say?
Happy Easter!

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