How to - Open a Pomegranate

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Today I'm giving you a super cool trick to open a Pomegranate, the fast way!

Step 1

Choose your pomegranate. It's gotta be a vibrant red, have as little bruises as possible and be nice and heavy. Such as this:

Step 2

Slice your pomegranate open like so: (watch for spillage!)

Step 3

Grab your tools (aka a big bowl and a sturdy metal spoon) 

Step 4

Let out your frustrations! Tap the outside of the pomegranate to let the seeds fall in the bowl! 
(Disclaimer: If you're very frustrated don't wear a white t-shirt.)

Now back to work!


  1. Might I offers some advice: If you place a wet cloth under your chopping board you will avoid the wobble that is apparent in your 'slicing the pomegranate GIF'

  2. This looks like a revision snack I'm going to have to adopt.
    Thanks for your comment on my Revision post I completely agree, exercise is key!
    Good luck revising.
    Lizzi x x

  3. I've never eaten one before but I love this, the gif is brilliant!xx

    1. Thanks! Yes Gifs! So exciting... so many possibilities... Can't wait to play around with them :)

  4. i've never tried doing it this way before! it looks so much easier! thanks for the tip :D


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