Field Day

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello World (again)! I'm back... Sorry for neglecting this. I tried not to, but exams got in the way and well my life was way too boring and dorky to blog about. It really was in everyone's best interest that I kept quiet.

But I'm back now, and will blog all the time, promise! (cue: readers make a happy dance whilst fist pumping the air). Hum. 

To celebrate end of exams I did many things, one being a festival in East London called Field Day. It happens every year and is mostly electronic music, rock, indie etc. Well it's mostly everything really. It's also, surprisingly, a bit of a food festival! 

We were really blessed with the weather, it was warm(ish) and sunny! 
We arrived early afternoon and grabbed lunch, it took us a good hour to figure out what to get but settled for hog roast burgers!

We settled in the grass, (which wasn't even damp!) and enjoyed the music. The first band I discovered and really enjoyed was "Stealing Sheep". I'm pretty hopeless at describing music but it was really chilled and lively (technical term). 

The second artist was more up-beat and got the party going! It was "Solange".

Seing as there are close to 7 million views on that video, I must've been hiding under a rock to not have heard of it! I mean I knew her from Beyonce, but yah that's about it. But hey, that's what festivals are for!

We took a break and went to see the games being organised in the field. There were wheelbarrow races, blind folded watermelon tossing and nettle eating races (cray-cray).

We moved stages to wait for... disclosure!! It was starting to get crowded and everyone was really pumped up. Nothing too outrageous though, I was really impressed by how everything was organised and how well behaved people were.

After lots of dancing, well jumping around, and being tossed like a pinball we were famished and decided to go get homemade pizzas. I was a bit starstruck! It was Ryan's pizza company, as in Ryan from the Great British Bake Off!

He lived up to his TV fame, they were excellent! We walked around the different stages all day, picked our favorite spots, had some cider... Overall the best day to kick off summer and forget all about dreadful Exams!!

Pic by Odile Stabon ;) 

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