Cutty Sark and Gipsy Moth

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Harriet took me to Greenwich this week. This was exciting on so many levels! The main one being having a reason to take the DLR, it's pretty cool I must say. You can ride in front and get a scenic tour of London! It was also super sunny which meant a pub lunch was on the cards!

We went to Greenwich to go see Cutty Sark, a British Clipper ship from 1869. She was one the last Clippers made in Britain before steam engine took over the commercial ship trades.

We had lunch at Gipsy Moth which had a superb view on the ship. The burgers looked amazing but we settled for a lighter lunch (and Pimm's)... Bikini season and all! 

We took a stroll around the ship and enjoyed the view of the Thames and Canary Warf.

We then sort of got lost and ended up taking a secret passage under the thames which had icicles, moss and was really cold. We ran out and ended up near the Island Garden station! Traumatising I tell you... 

Appart from that I'd recommend checking the Gipsy Moth out! It's sort of hidden too, so almost no tourists and only a short stroll from Greenwich DLR station!

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