St Katherine Docks

Saturday, June 15, 2013

St Katherine Docks is said to be London's best kept secret... and well I agree! It's as if a small part of the Mediterranean escaped, crossed the pond, and settled in the middle of London.

There are many small restaurants, and a food market every Friday. We went for a late lunch washed down with Rosé Wine.

London's cutest terrace at Zizi.

And seriously good pizzas, good enough to make me home sick!

There are loads more restaurants all around, I'll have to go back and check them out! The pub "The Dickens Inn" was really packed which is always a good sign!

And on your way back home you can enjoy the clash between the old and new London... 

I had a fantastic time, and London is just so great when the sun is out! Go check it out! 

Find the docks here.

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