Henley - Day 1

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Last week has gone by so quick, in the whirlwind that is Henley. As a "newcomer" it was truly an amazing experience and really hard to describe. Henley is a five day long event with head to head 'knock-out' races everyday, and the finals on Sunday. I would best describe it as a mix of picnics, Pimm's, rowers, enclosures, dress lengths and hats. This year the weather was amazing, and I count myself really lucky!

It's a bit tough knowing what to wear at Henley or Ascot, as I suppose it's similar. Dresses have to be bellow the knee, and you can't really wear tight midi dresses which are in fashion this season because they don't look proper enough. You don't want to wear too flowery gowns either, as you'll risk looking like a granny... I opted for simple, flowy and mono-coloured dresses. It worked a charm!

I think there are many types of Henleys. What I mean is by that is that one person's Henley week can be very different from another's. Between the enclosures, the clubs, the friends you watch row and the quality of your picnic (and the amount of Pimm's you've brought), you can make it really amazing!

One the first day of regatta we had an 'easy' day, parked near the start line where the crowd is less rowdy and had a nice picnic. We cheered Ollie and J on as well as other friends that went by rowing. We walked down the towpath to wander the shops and stop by for ice creams.

After lunch we walked to the Boating Tent to see J boat and cheer him on. The concept of cheering at Henley is a bit special. I'm used to wolf whistles and good ol' encouragement. But that's not really proper. So you're meant to clap, so we clapped clapped with much conviction!

Clarissa had some snazzy contacts and got us into the press box to watch the race. Best view of the course I'm sure!

Cheeky win on the first day!

We raced back to the boating tent to cheer clap them well done. Much sprinting in heels last week I tell you!

Her Majesty's boat.

The races had to be interrupted because of this troublesome string of ducklings. 
We left shortly after with sore feet and blushed cheeks, what an amazing first day at Henley... Tune in later for more!

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