Henley - Day 2

Monday, July 15, 2013

On the second Day of Henley, we decided to be chic and go to the Steward's Enclosure. I loved the enclosures mostly because of the profusion of regatta jackets. Anyone that has represented their school or university in important races is allowed to buy a jacket! Some of those jackets are very... colorful to say the least. Some people can even recognize the school and the year you graduated in just by looking at your blazer.

To get into an enclosure you need a special pass which changes color everyday. Unfortunately you cannot simply buy passes, you need to know someone who is a member and can buy them for you...
Max had a fancy metal badge, whilst we commoners normal people had little cards.

The Steward's Enclosure was very beautiful, people were dressed in the most amazing and outrageous outfits! A great day for people watching..

Buzz Feed published an article on Henley and spotted the same crazy hat Lady as me!

I could also add this snazzy Gentleman to their list.

Speaking of being spotted, I had the luck of Vogue picking me out to be part of their street chic article on vogue.co.uk, pretty exciting I must say!

Photo By Dvora

Photo By Dvora
After lunch we prepared to cheer the boys on, go purple!

Well done to GB's "Shadow" and Ollie for winning The Ladies Challenge Cup!


  1. Lovely blog! and you look gorgeous :)
    Emma x

  2. This day sounds lovely, the photos are beautiful! And to be spotted for Vogue, oh my what a compliment!!xx


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