Canada - Part 3

Sunday, August 25, 2013

In Canada there's a bit of a competition between people concerning their lake. You see, once you have a house on a lake, the lake becomes yours and is, without question, the best lake. As an outsider with no lake to my name I can sometimes be put in a sticky situation. You visit someone's cottage and say that they have an incredible view and they will undoubtedly ask you "Oh it is the prettiest lake you've seen isn't it?" Uhmm... Well... I mean... Yes of course! Is what you should say. To everyone. And hope they don't speak together.

I can't pick a favorite lake. Especially between mom's or dad's house (sorry mom, sorry dad). They're very different and both equally fun. The first posts were about my mom's lake and this post is my dad's.

We would start the day with a quick run of waterskiing at 7 am before breakfast after breakfast at 9am, whilst the lake was still mirror flat.

J had never skied before and after a couple of tries he got up and did really well!

So well he got overconfident and attempted dropping a ski (without warning us!) and ended up dropping both...

Waterskiing is a bit of an institution in the family... My 85 year old grand-ma only stopped slaloming 5 years ago! And still goes tubbing...

And we start them young...

With Cookie's (yes it's a nickname) personal horsie pulling her on the beach...

Linda showing her moves!

For lunch we went for a hike / trek in the forest and pic-nicked on top of the mountain.

We first walked to the rock and then back down to the beach.

This next picture looks like the scene prior to a murder...

They're both alive and well, although they had to be carried back home... good thing Mr. Strong was there!


  1. Wow looks like to you had an amazing time!

    The waterskiing looks fantastic, I'm seeing my brother next week out in Greece for kitesurfing, and I doubt I will look half as elegant!

    Hmm maybe...


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