Montreal - Part 1

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I know I've been MIA for a while but I figured it was better to enjoy a holiday and then blog about it rather than trying to do everything at once!

I've been in Montreal for the past three weeks and am leaving on Thursday (sniff sniff) to go back to Nice (not too shabby I guess) and will dedicate the next few post to some Canadian Adventures! Exciting, eh?

One of the perks of being jet-lagged (the only perk really) is that you get up early enough to see the sunrise on the lake. Since the nights are cool and the lake remains warm a thick fog forms in the morning to give the prettiest of views...

I took the time to rekindle with my old time chipmunk friend and fed him some seeds. We had a long conversation as you can see...

After breakfast J and I took the quad bike out and explored the forest behind the cottage.

We stumbled upon a beaver dam which had flooded the trail! I was oh so glad I had my wellies! The beavers weren't so happy about our intrusion though...

After lots of mud and lifting fallen tree trunks we finally made it to the "secret" lake I used to go as a little girl with my grandpa. It's a protected lake where no houses or boats are allowed. It's really really quiet. Which is exactly what we needed in order to be cut from the world for a little while.

Chlorophyl overdose.

We jumped from the rock and chatted until we heard thunder and decided it was time to head home!

After the storm passed we felt we deserved a good ol' steak. So we fired up the BBQ and tucked in! We followed with a beautiful sunset of a desert...


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