Oakies Weekend

Monday, December 9, 2013

Blogosphere! Long-time no see... Second year at uni proved to be quite challenging and my blogging adventures had to be toned down a little. Sad times.

But... Christmas is approaching, which means holidays! As an early celebration the flatmates and I went over to Ell's hometown for a countryside weekend. Oh and we grabbed a couple friends on the way too.

Since Honor, and Ell have yet to be christened on the GoG (gift of gaby, yup it has an acronym) here is our official flatmate picture!

Lucky guy right?!

We took a short train to Sevenoaks and were greeted by lush green trees, parks, fresh air (in more ways than one!) and deer!
We spent Saturday afternoon watching Disney movies and eating chocolate. What better way to forget all the awful Mechanical Engineering lab reports that have been clogging our brains for the past weeks?

We were more proactive on Sunday and decided to anticipate the big Sunday Roast Lunch by taking a walk in the morning.

Ell lives right by Knole Park, so we walked across it to go visit his old school. It was so nice to breathe in fresh air and see the beautiful autumn trees getting ready for winter.

Honor thought we'd have more luck spotting deer if we "blended" in with the wild life... And she was right! We had a fantastic sighting.

The boys got a little bit fed up with us taking pictures and went off on their own...

We walked across the park to Knole house, one of England's largest houses. Knole house is said to be a calendar house as it has 365 rooms, 52 staircases, 12 entrances and 7 courtyards! Mad right?

On the way to the house we enjoyed the countryside and chatted about christmas plans... it seems like yesterday that we were preparing summer plans, where did the time go?!

We visited Sevenoaks school and played some football to warm up. Well the boys played we watched for a bit, then froze, so decided to join and got our boots covered in mud!

It was soon time for a well deserved and very delicious Sunday Roast...  it was with regret and very full tummies that we said bye-bye to Sevenoaks!

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