Pumpkin Surprise Halloween Cake!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween is just around the corner, and I'm here to show you a fang-tastic recipe! Surprise in the middle cakes are super easy to do and are sure to impress your guests!

To make it you will need two cakes, I chose a vanilla sponge and a chocolate sponge. Use any recipes you like, but feel free to use this chocolate cake!

First bake your vanilla sponge. It would be really cute to color the sponge orange to have an even spookier cake! You could even flavour it with orange zest to have a chocolate orange cake... yum.

I baked the vanilla sponge in a loaf tin, un-moulded it, and then cut it into slices. You can then cut out your pumpkins from the slices and put them back in the tin!

Make sure you pack in lots of pumpkins so that when you pour the chocolate mixture on top it doesn't leak in between. Once you've carved your pumpkins, make your chocolate sponge and pour it in the loaf tin.

Bake as you normally would, the white sponge won't over bake and as it is in the middle it will stay moist!

Un-mould your cake, let it cool before cutting into it and be prepared for a surprise!!

Isn't it cute?!

A Flatmate in Nice and Paris Fashion Week!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I know this is a bit delayed, but I am trying to catch up with my blogposts! So prepare yourselves for an overflow of GiftofGaby posts in the next coming weeks...

September in Nice is my favorite time of the year, the sun is no longer scorching and the tourists have flown back home. The sea is calm and the air is crisper! One of my flatmates, Ell, who you've met in Sevenoaks, came down to visit! So I played tour guide... I really love it when people come around because it gives me an excuse to do loads of touristy things!

We drove up to the quaint village of Èze, above Monaco. I've always loved Èze but hadn't visited in a while. The view is truly breathtaking and the drive is really quite fun! (think winding roads with a ditch of more than 300m to your side).

I found a door to my size! This seems to be a recurring theme this summer... After going around the tiny village we settled at a terrace and enjoyed chilled glasses of rosé... tough life on the Côte d'Azur I tell you!

With only one week left of the holidays, Mom and I decided to go visit my big bro in Paris! He just moved there and we thought it was time for him to be a tour guide!

We realised, rather at the last minute, that we were going bang in the middle of Paris Fashion Week! If that isn't the best people watching week... then I don't know what is!

We visited the Louvres, walked by the Seine and stuffed our faces with pastries! A week well spent.

I rocked my new boyfriend jeans from Zara and Brandy Melville top! I didn't quite look as fashionable as all the fashionistas out there, but that's as far out of my comfort zone I could go!

We met up with Xavier for dinner, and took rather silly siblings pictures, as you do.

That's all for now... Salut!

Canada - 2014 edition

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hey blogosphere! Long time no see... I have very exciting posts coming up but I am just waiting for the go ahead on some of the pictures, hence why I paused my posts. But since I couldn't wait any longer to tell you what I've been up to this summer I'll just fast-forward to Canada!

I went to Canada to see the fam as always, but kept it short and sweet this time. I had already spent 6 weeks in Turkey and 3 weeks in Zambia so only had precious days of summer left...

I mostly hopped around seeing grand-parents, cousins, aunties, uncles and my sister!

It started off with this munchkin picking me up from the airport! She was away in Australia for a 6 month exchange and although we don't usually see each other between christmas and summer it felt so much longer because she was so far! Lots of stories to catch up on that's for sure....

We went up north to the lake, had some relaxing time paddle-boarding.... and corn-peeling racing.... as you do.

She won! It was a close race, if I do say so myself...

I practiced some stand-up paddle board yoga for the first time. It wasn't all that easy! Poses with lots of anchors are fine, but some of the easiest ones such as triangle and warrior chucked me in the lake every time!

I may or may not have fallen out of that head-stand...

Next up: Tremblant! I met my other cousin, Genevieve, which you've met in Shwartz last year. We went a little further up north for a totally relaxing weekend. I'm talking no internet, no cell phone signal... Just old-school board games and apple pie making!

I managed a slightly more stable head-stand!

And then relaxed in my new favorite jeans! Boyfriends all the way... effortlessly cool and shamelessly comfy!

We also caught this chipmunk red-handed... he's saying "Nope I didn't take any seeds... wasnme!!"

I just love their little faces! They're very friendly too...

Thanks to Gen for all these pictures, go check her out on Instagram!

After spending some time up north I went back down to Montreal to meet my big sister who showed me around! It was loads of fun actually visiting Montreal, we tend to just go through on the way to the lake...

That's all for now!


Henley Regatta - 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last weekend I was lucky enough to travel from Istanbul to London for... Henley! I wouldn't want to miss it for the world, and it was just one of those (kinda crazy) trips you just have to make. It was really worth it! 

We went on Saturday to see J and the boys race! They were on at 18h so we had time to snoop around and have a Pimms (or two).

I hadn't remembered Henley being so crowded on Saturday last year, the toe-path was literally at a stand still due to it. It was a bit of a shame since we couldn't enjoy the little boutiques along the way as much.
If you want a really good Henley experience, try to come one day during the week, to be able to wander, and either Saturday or Sunday to really get a feel for the atmosphere.

After our (rather long) walk back from the toe-path, we met up with friends in the boating area and waited for the boys to go past!

Go UL! J is rocking purple at all times, even down to the... rather interesting... crocs!

Once they were out of site, we went to the Steward's Enclosure and waited, nerves starting to kick in.

I bumped into Nagi, and yes I'm wearing heels...

Short girl problems... especially when surrounded by rowers!
The race started, it was UL against Harvard. So so nerve-racking, all of us screamed and cheered and shouted when they went by (to the great dissatisfaction of the surrounding crowd) but it wasn't enough for them to make it through. Harvard went on to win the Visitor's Cup the next day.... so it'll have to be for next year!

I am now back in Istanbul, doing some site visits, and rocking a rather... different kind of hat!


Galata Tower - Istanbul

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Merhaba! I am writing from Istanbul, which is pretty cool if I do say so myself... I'm here for an internship in the renewable energy sector and spending my weekends discovering the city where Europe meets Asia!

When my friends come over to visit me in London I usually have a whole weekend planned out weeks in advance... but when it comes to Istanbul I know nothing! (You might as well call me John Snow...) Sorry.

When I found out that Hida was going to be in Istanbul at the same time as me I was super excited! We met ages ago, at a rather embarrassing camp (*cough* maths camp *cough*), but never got to meet up since. She agreed to play tour guide, and brought me to Galata Tower!

Galata Tower, or Galata Kulesi in Turkish, was built in 1348 by the Republic of Genoa and was originally called the Tower of Christ; at 66.9m it was the tallest building in the city at the time!

In 1717 the Ottomans extended the observation deck slightly in order to post a team in charge of spotting fires through the city. Which all the better for us tourists today...

It still stands relatively intact and offers a breathtaking view over the junction of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus... take a look for yourself!

A little snap happy inception going on below...

We took the stairs down, and it's a good thing we're tiny people... I'm not too sure a lot of the boys back in London would fit through there!

At the bottom of the tower was a man spinning traditional sugar candy, I can't say I tried it though! But I promise I will and keep you posted...

We then walked back up to Taksim square and had wine dinner in the French street! I didn't really see how it was French, but it was really cute and perfect for some catching up gossip, which we were too engrossed in to remember to take pictures. Woops. So this will be all for today, watch this space for some more Constantinople adventures! 

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