Christmas in Canada

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I couldn't imagine spending Christmas anywhere but in Canada. I'm very fortunate to be able to go back every year and I appreciate it more and more as I get older. This christmas was colder and whiter than any I can remember... and it made it all the more cosy!

Arriving from the airport we were greeted by a rather unsettling site, well for a London girl anyway, and had to make way for a snowplow.

It continued to snow for a couple days whilst we were busying around christmas preparations. We made cookies, set up the christmas tree, wrapped presents and even wrapped siblings!

Finally a silent night...
Once all of this was prepared the snow settled and the sun came out just in time to play!

This is the same lake we were water-skiing on less than 4 months ago... amazing isn't it?
A frozen - snowy lake is a great place to practice some yoga moves (said no one ever), but at least the snow will catch your fall!

I'm quite new to yoga and can't wait to try those same stands on the stand-up-paddle board this summer, it'll make for great before/after and winter/summer shots!

I must admit I got a brain freeze doing this one... but it was worth it!

All the photos were patiently taken by my (and now superstar) big sis Vanessa.

Photo by Linda

After some restful yoga on a lake anyone is ready for the whirlwind of Christmas! We drove up to Mont-Tremblant where the rest of the fam-jam set camp. Every year our Christmas parties get bigger and bigger and this year was no different! We were around 60 people gathered around a beautifully lit christmas filled to the brim with prezzies!

Photo by Megs!

We wait all year for Christmas and New Years and it all goes by in a flash... I'm glad I can blog about it so all these memories are just a click away!

Hope you all had restful and happy holidays! Stay tuned for a 2013 recap...

PS: It's snowing behind me wooo! 

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