It's my Birthday! (sort of)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I meant to post this ages ago but then completely forgot about it... I know I know that's terrible blogging behaviour. But I'm still a newbie!

My birthday was a bit more than a month ago, and it feels like so much has happened since. It's been so great going over these pictures and remembering, (non-rainy), happy memories.

I came back from Canada a few days into 2014 ready to celebrate my birthday back home in Nice. J flew over to join me and I played tour guide for a few days. I love it when friends come to visit, that way I can do all the touristy stuff us, as locals, are too embarrassed to do!

We started by a wintery walk around Gourdon, which I've already talked about here. It's so nice to go on a sunny winter day, the streets are deserted, the air is crisp and the view goes on for days. We warmed our hands with a nice cup of hot chocolate waiting for the bell to tell us it was time to go home for lunch.

Our next adventure hit home in more ways than one. I took J to the small artistic village I grew up in, Saint Paul-de-Vence. I hadn't been in a while and the memories flooded straight back. It is renown for it's art as many of the greats came here for inspiration.

Walking through the stone-clad streets you can almost hear the whispers of the many painters and poets that walked the same path as you. If you go keep an ear open for Matisse, Jacques Prévert and Chagalle.

Maybe they threw coins in the fountain just as J and I did!

Although I hope for their sake that they had a better aim than I did... took me forever to get it right!

After a lot of walking we ordered a good old french pancake with lemon and sugar and made our way home for some birthday celebration!

Okay fine, I scoffed it down and didn't even let J have any... Birthday girl rights!

I hope you've all had a great Valentine's day full of love, family and friends... and remember to love yourself too!

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