Canada - 2014 edition

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hey blogosphere! Long time no see... I have very exciting posts coming up but I am just waiting for the go ahead on some of the pictures, hence why I paused my posts. But since I couldn't wait any longer to tell you what I've been up to this summer I'll just fast-forward to Canada!

I went to Canada to see the fam as always, but kept it short and sweet this time. I had already spent 6 weeks in Turkey and 3 weeks in Zambia so only had precious days of summer left...

I mostly hopped around seeing grand-parents, cousins, aunties, uncles and my sister!

It started off with this munchkin picking me up from the airport! She was away in Australia for a 6 month exchange and although we don't usually see each other between christmas and summer it felt so much longer because she was so far! Lots of stories to catch up on that's for sure....

We went up north to the lake, had some relaxing time paddle-boarding.... and corn-peeling racing.... as you do.

She won! It was a close race, if I do say so myself...

I practiced some stand-up paddle board yoga for the first time. It wasn't all that easy! Poses with lots of anchors are fine, but some of the easiest ones such as triangle and warrior chucked me in the lake every time!

I may or may not have fallen out of that head-stand...

Next up: Tremblant! I met my other cousin, Genevieve, which you've met in Shwartz last year. We went a little further up north for a totally relaxing weekend. I'm talking no internet, no cell phone signal... Just old-school board games and apple pie making!

I managed a slightly more stable head-stand!

And then relaxed in my new favorite jeans! Boyfriends all the way... effortlessly cool and shamelessly comfy!

We also caught this chipmunk red-handed... he's saying "Nope I didn't take any seeds... wasnme!!"

I just love their little faces! They're very friendly too...

Thanks to Gen for all these pictures, go check her out on Instagram!

After spending some time up north I went back down to Montreal to meet my big sister who showed me around! It was loads of fun actually visiting Montreal, we tend to just go through on the way to the lake...

That's all for now!


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