Goodwood Revival

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dad was invited to go to the Goodwood Revival last month, and decided to take me along! I had never been, and didn't really know what to expect.... But I must say, I was really impressed!

The deal is that not only are people there to look at the world's most unique and beautiful cars, they also make incredible efforts to throw you back to the 1940s. 

Dad and I stayed at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, which in itself was a sight to see! A lot of people going to Goodwood were staying there, which made for an interesting breakfast bunch! Think top hats, racing overalls and petticoats! 

After a couple of hours at Goodwood you would almost forget what year it was.... Except for the occasional iPhone snap here and there. Even the police cars were "d'époque".

Another thing that impressed me at Goodwood was the racing. I couldn't imagine it to be quite so exciting! You wouldn't think that people owning these pieces of art and history would be willing to go all out on the racetrack. Well like me, you would be wrong. The racing is definitely for real, and the cars for sure get bumps and bruises!




After a tour of the stands, we settles for a rather...l civilised lunch! With an uncomparable view of the track. 



We strolled back to the race control stands after lunch, to see the race of the day on the first line.

The style of Goodwood oscillated between the glamorous 40/50s and the bright and bold colours of the 70s. Seeing all these styles together makes the festival that much more fun!

Until next year Goodwood.... For we will definitely be back! 


   PS: this is a collectors peddle car... What! 

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