Iceland - Part 4

Friday, April 1, 2016

And now the adventure ends.... After having hiked the day before and seen a whirlwind of the Golden Circle we were eager to carry on our trip. There is so much to see in Iceland, you just never get bored!


First up was the Geysir. Another must if you are visiting Iceland. It's a fun thing to go see but I wouldn't hype it up too much. It can be busy and the massive Geysir doesn't 'erupt' at the moment, so the one you see in the picture is a baby one. Definitely go check it out, but don't make a day of it.

I really wanted to see the tectonic plates in the Thingvellir National Park. If you have time and a licence definitely go scuba diving or snorkeling between them. It is said to be the clearest water in the world.

Silfra Tectonic Plates

I wish we had a polariser on this lens to really show you how deep the crevasse went... 
From the National Park it is a relatively short drive to another hot pool, so we thought we would finish our last day properly. I am so glad we did as this was the best one of them all! It's called Hrunalaug GPS:  N64.140339°, W20.259107°

It was the perfect temperature and had a little house to change in, it has two different baths so more than one group of people could use it at once, and is only a 5 minute walk from where you can park your car.

Having relaxed we drove back to Reykjavik where we had our final meal and said our goodbyes u to this tiny and wonderful island that is Iceland.

Final tips and useful links:
  • Rent a car. Preferably a 4x4 if you are planning on doing more than route 1. Take the insurance that covers everything as there are lots of little rocks that could crack a windscreen etc...
  • If you are doing the whole island do it clockwise, saves the most packed area for last without spoiling your expectations for the begining
  • If you want to see the northern lights download an app or check a website which has KP indexes and an hourly cloud coverage report
  • Use this website for all hostels:
  • You can find some kickass airbnbs too
  • If you want to do the blue lagoon, go to the one in the north rather than the touristy one near the airport
  • Go hike!
  • Check out all hot pools using:
  • Layer layer layer
  • If you want to eat cheap, gas stations serve really good hotdogs and fat free healthy yoghurt called Skyr. This with some granola should have your breakfasts and lunches sorted.
  • Download a very detailed map on your iphone / ipad for when you will be lost.

Good luck! xox 

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