Kotor - Montenegro

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The drive from Dormitor National Park to the bay of Kotor in Montenegro was definitely the nicest scenery we saw on our road trip. Mainly because we crossed the entirety of Montenegro, and went through so many different landscapes. Also, the roads in Montenegro are a lot better than in Bosnia, which was a plus!
Ostrog Monastery
The first stop was the Ostrog Monastery. Established in the 17th century it is nestled within the cliffs near Niksic. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area. Carrying on we quickly arrived towards the bay of Kotor, which is where the magic happened. I think Rachel would agree that this was the most beautiful area of our entire trip. The bay is a Fjord of sorts, despite looking like a lake, and spreads for 28km with about 100km of shore. If you are driving from the North you will arrive on the west side of the bay, which gives you a great view coming down into the bay.

You will have to drive all around the bay to finally reach the town of Kotor. Kotor is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the Adriatic and a UNESCO world heritage site... and for good reasons. The fortified town is absolutely breathtaking, especially amongst the dramatic mountains. 

Climbing up the fortified walls to the church of Our Lady Of Health.

Picture by Quinton

We stayed in a hostel right in the middle of the old town aptly named: Old Town Hostel. It was really good for the price and location. They offered tours, food and parties for people looking for entertainment. But I think what made Kotor stand out is the friends we met along the way (cheese!!), looking at you Q and Thom!

View from the Hostel
When in Kotor you absolutely need to climb up the fortified walls at sunset and see the bay under it's best light. Which is exactly what we did, with drinks, of course.

Our Lady Of Health from the fortified walls (aka the money shot)

More on Kotor and the end of our trip next time!

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